Posted by: letsharkslive | January 31, 2010

Please Support Hawaii’s Shark Eco-Tours

Hawaiian shark eco-tours are under attack once again. Shark eco-tourism promotes appreciation and understanding of these magnificent and vital animals. Please help to support Hawaii’s shark eco-tour operators!

Here’s a summary of what’s going on:

Hawaii – at it again! Jan. 31st post by The Best Shark Dive in the World

And lots more background information and facts:

Sharks Matter website – by Stefanie Brendl of Hawaii Shark Encounters

And here’s how you can help:

Send a written statement of support to these two offices:
(This has to happen as soon as possible, because hearings are being scheduled every day. You can use what you had written before for the City council or letters to the editor. Keep it short and sweet and tell them that you are strongly opposed to/appalled/disturbed/ shocked by 🙂 any bills that will kill small businesses.)

-House Committee on Water, Land, Ocean Resources – Representative Ken Ito (Fax: 808-586-8474 email:
Reference House bill: HB2459, HB2664, HB2705, HB2483, HB2900

-Senate Committee on Land and Water – Senator Clayton Hee (Fax: 808-586-7334
Reference Senate Bill: SB2330, SB2655

(save your letters so you can send them again for the next batch of committee hearings).

And if you live in Hawaii or are able to travel there, please get in touch with Stefanie Brendlabout participating in the hearings.

See this link for a sample letter. Please feel free to copy parts or the whole letter as you see fit. There is also a wealth of information available on the Why Sharks Matter website, including support letters written by other people.

Thank you for your help!


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