Posted by: letsharkslive | May 6, 2010

New Data Base

As a leader of The International Year of the Shark project last year, I was in contact with divers and shark experts all over the world, many of whom told me about a variety of unusual observations regarding the movements of sharks. There were sharks suddenly appearing where they hadn’t been seen before, and other populations moving away.

With growing evidence of the slowing of the ocean currents, and particularly the weakening of the North Atlantic Sink, (the engine that empowers the Gulf Stream) I suspect that the altering of the temperatures of local ocean currents could be having a significant effect on these unexpected changes in the marine highways used by sharks.

I would like to widen my sources of data on this subject in order to gain as wide a view possible of this phenomena, in order to plan better, in the future, how to protect sharks. So, if you, on your submarine roamings, can contribute observations of unusual shark movements, I would be glad to hear from you.

With good wishes,

Ila France Porcher

shark ethologist


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