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Ban Shark Fin Sales in San Francisco

Please sign on:
Shark Research Institute
PO Box 40
Princeton, NJ 08540

We have drafted legislation soliciting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass a ban on shark fin sales.

Now that the Happy Meal law has passed we have a supervisor in San Francisco willing to champion the shark fin soup ban.
We are soliciting organizations to sign onto this effort.  We would appreciate your support in this important cause.

Here is a form letter for your assistance.
To the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Dear Supervisor,
Sharks are critical members of a healthy San Francisco Bay and marine ecosystem. It has been established that overfishing sharks has a long lasting negative impact on fisheries and the entire food web. Protecting sharks protects the health of the San Francisco Bay and ocean ecosystems. I am appealing you to support a ban on unsustainable shark products in San Francisco such as shark fin and shark fin soup.
Scientists have estimated that as many as 70 million sharks are killed annually for their fins alone for the delicacy shark fin soup. Sharks are vulnerable to overfishing, and especially to the practice of finning- the killing of sharks for their fins alone. Sharks have few young, have long gestation periods and cannot reproduce fast enough to sustain a concentrated fishing effort. The demand for Shark fin soup is destroying shark populations.
In May, 2010 the state of Hawaii passed a bill in the Senate and House to ban the sale and possession of shark fins. Senate Bill 2169. The object of Hawaii’s law and the Sea Stewards Shark Sanctuary San Francisco initiative is to control the consumption of a product that is leading to the destruction of shark species worldwide.

The San Francisco Shark Sanctuary Campaign
Like California, shark-finning is banned in Hawaiian waters but the practice is widespread in international waters and there is no sourcing of fins once they have been dried and treated. The shark fins available as soup and as dried products sold in this city include endangered species and sharks killed illegally through the practice of shark finning.
Its time to stand up for sharks. Sea Stewards and the organizations signed at the bottom are asking the San Francisco Leadership to support shark conservation and sustainability.
Let us follow the example of our colleagues in Hawaii and make the sale of unsustainable shark products like dried shark fin and shark fin soup illegal in San Francisco. Let our citizens and the world know that sharks are important for a healthy ocean, and this unsustainable practice is unhealthy for humans and well as other marine life.
Through education, conservation and sustainable consumption, San Francisco can make a significant impact in protecting the world’s sharks and support healthy humans and a healthy San Francisco Bay.
If you have any questions about the Shark Sanctuary Project please go to

(organization name)

About Shark Finning
Shark-finning is the practice of slicing fins from live sharks and dumping their bodies overboard. Once caught as bycatch and released in longlines, sharks are being killed to supply the fin demand, and whole fisheries have grown to support the trade. Shark fins are used for making sharkfin soup, considered a delicacy in Asian communities, particularly Chinese markets. The highest priced seafood by weight, a single fin can fetch $1,000 or more, and a bowl of shark-fin soup in our Chinatown sells for $25 to as much as $75 a bowl. What was once a delicacy reserved for Emporers and Nobility is now being consumed by millions and shark populations cannot sustain this rate of harvesting.

San Francisco Bans The Happy Meal
Now lets ban shark fin soup.

David McGuire, Director
Support our Shark Conservation Campaign
“Media for a Healthy Ocean”
Learn About Our Anti Fin Campaign



  1. Im curious why the SRI address is incorrectly given. This solicitation is from sea Stewards in San Francisco. An electronic endorsement of organizations is what we are seeking and we will add them to the list.
    Groups can email me and sign the petition on our web site which sends the letter to our Supervisor. Thank you for supporting sharks.

    David MGuire, Director
    Sea Stewards

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