Posted by: letsharkslive | January 28, 2011

LONDON: Peaceful Protest against Sharks Sacrificed for the Chinese New Year

Hi Shark Lovers!

Many thanks for getting involved in our direct action!

Things are shaping up well for 12.30, the 3rd of february 2011 @ Gerrard Street!  There will be a good number of us there to take a positive message to the streets of China Town.

Some restaurants there have dropped shark fin and are positive about marine conservation efforts. So we are not going down to criticise but to show our support for the restaurants doing the right thing and on an educational mission for the part of the community who may not be aware how serious the shark situation has become.

Things to do before the day:

1. invite your friends!
2. if you use social networking sites please twit / blog / facebook about it. we can use this hashtag: #sharkside
3. Make a placard or get a prop (maybe a shark toy or blow up shark?). Give me a shout for ideas.

This is a great time for us to be taking action for sharks. The recent tv shows have pushed this right into the public’s consciousness. We can leverage this to change opinion in china town and beyond and encourage more restaurants to drop it off the menus. We are inviting the media and will be videoing  on the day and can shine a light on the restaurants still serving species close to extinction. We will follow up with the restaurants and media and pass on our progress here to folk in other cities who can learn from our experience.

Global Ocean are working with us to develop a bespoke flyer which we can all hand out on the day.

Your help is massively appreciated and every person counts and will make a real difference!

Thanks again for getting involved and get in touch if you have any questions.

Very best,


Possible twitter post u can use:
JOIN THE #SHARKSIDE. Direct action in London to stop shark finning. Check it out and please RT:

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