A Global Network for Shark Protection

The Let Sharks Live Network was created for the dissemination and sharing of news about shark conservation amoung those actively working to save sharks from extinction. It is a primary opinion-forming network in the shark conservation sphere.  Discussion about shark conservation issues, news items from around the world, problems to tackle, and all subjects relating to shark protection are  of concern.

As the carrier of the banner of  The International Year of the Shark, in 2009, the network grew strong, and needed a way to increase their Internet presence globally in addition to their own organization’s web sites.

Therefore, Mark Harding of England, one of the administrators, set up this interactive blog for us, to allow the important issues emerging through the Networ k to find greater  exposure on the Internet and therefore strengthen the force of the messages to the public.

It might not be possible to actually saturate the Internet, but that is the ideal towards which we are working for sharks. Only through communication can public opinion be changed.

Other administrators are:

Steve Fox (The Bahamas)

Wolfgang Leander (Bolivia)

Maris Kazmers (America)

Jean-François Avenier (South Africa)

Ila France Porcher (founder of the Let Sharks Live Network, France)


Mark Harding:

I am a stills photographer, camera operator, tour operator, writer and graphic designer. I concentrate mainly on the underwater world, but I am by no means restricted to this genre. My passion is wildlife, and I am an avid conservationist. I love to dive and my spiritual home is underwater with a camera. I love to make creative compositional representations of what is in front of me, and I enjoy the company of those who share my appreciation of the natural world.

Ila France Porcher:

My first book, My Sunset Rendezvous, is the product of a life spent on a quest to learn the truth about nature. Painting it was a way to begin when I was a child, and a way to keep food on the table. Observing it and studying it have been the themes of my days.

From the astonishing revelations about the universe that flung us forth, to the tiniest life form, it fascinates me.  In my book I try to take you with me, to see what I saw, and feel as I did as I discovered sharks and their realm.



  1. This page will be updated when I get more suggestions and profiles from other members.

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